Wednesday 29 August 2007

Background madness

Still working on getting a lighter touch with the water colours.
Tried to get a slightly better composition and ran out of room for the little lady's tail.
Running out of room is one of my problems, so I now buy the largest sheets of watercolour paper!
But this one I did in my sketchbook...
Backgrounds are another Major nightmare for me. My usual trick is to photoshop in a background, which is fine for prints but I'd like if the original painting had a finished quality to it as well.
So, to start dealing with my phobia, I very tentatively gave these two birdies a wishywashy background on the actual paper.
What do you think, is it better with or with out? Not that I have a choice anymore which is why I balk at backgrounds!!

1 comment:

Perriette said...

I think it looks better with. I know the feeling of not wanting to "ruin" something. One of the reasons I love digital.