Saturday 29 November 2008

Crystalised Ragworth

This morning was the first serious frost we've had here, so I wrapped up and snapped a few shots.
Don't they look sweet enough to eat, like crytalised candy flowers.
But wouldn't you know they're actually poisonous, so we'll give them a miss!
I'm posting it up for the topic 'Sweet', this weeks Thematic Photographic

Tuesday 25 November 2008

Christmas Party Pals

"Is the hat really necessary" grumbled Toby, "yes,"replied Josh "it's a Christmas party for kids, they'll love you in it"
"Well, I feel ridiculous, like one of the seven dwarfs"
"Alright, Grumpy, lets go and have some fun, or is it Dopey?"
"Please, at least let me be Doc"

The boys are working out nicely, now I just have to develop a background style, that's the hard part for me.
Please, if anybody has background tips or ideas, I'd love to know about them.

Saturday 22 November 2008

Opinionated Pals

Toby was of the opinion that Joshua badly needed a haircut."I mean really, my dear chap" said Toby "you're looking rather scruffy, I can hardly tell if you're in there, I feel like I'm talking to a giant hair ball"
"Oh give it a rest Toby" Joshua replied "You know I hate going to the barbers, we're not all Dapper Dans like you, you know, and besides the grunge look is making a come back,so chill out dude."

Illustration Friday's topic this week is 'Opinion'.
These are two characters that I'm working on at the moment.
Joshua is the reincarnation of my Old English Sheepdog that I grew up with and loved dearly.He was a rogue and a slob and a real people person.
Toby is new to me, but he's definitely a another kettle of fish altogether! I wanted to create a contrast in the characters and have always loved Basset hounds, so he seems like a good choice.
Toby is very opinionated and Josh is very easy going, so they should rub along together nicely!

Thursday 20 November 2008

Broken Angels

This is a photo of my work in progress from a few years back.
Thought it fitted well for the topic 'Broken', this weeks Thematic Photographic
These are the 'green' clay angels, green meaning they still have to be fired in the kiln, then glazed and re-fired, so basically they're still in the very raw stage and easily broken!

Sorry about the poor quality photo below, but at least it gives you an idea of how they finished up.

Sunday 16 November 2008

Row of Penguins

I have a passion for penguins both the feather-back and the paperback kind!!
I'm always on the lookout in charity shops and car-boot sales to add to my collection.
They do seem to be getting scarcer, although you can still buy them in second hand book shops,but that kind of takes the thrill of the "Find".

Thematic Photographic this week is 'Rows'

Friday 14 November 2008

Pretending to be wise!

Illustration Friday's topic last week was 'Wise' and this week it's 'Pretend'
So I'm submitting two in one!
These lemurs are pretending to be the three wise monkeys!
See no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil.

" Wisdom is a variable possession. Every man is wise when pursued by a mad dog, fewer when pursued by a mad woman; only the wisest survive when attacked by a mad notion."

-Robertson Davies

Thursday 6 November 2008

A streak of Red Squirrel

I snapped this little fellow at Fota Wildlife Park
Unfortunately the red squirrel is almost as exotic in Ireland as are giraffes and cheetahs!
It was a thrill to get a glimpse of him and believe me that's all it was, they are so tiny and so fast, and perfectly camouflaged in the autumn leaves.
Well not perfectly 'cause they're like a streak of fire when the sun catches them.

Thematic Photographic this week is 'Autumn'

Tuesday 4 November 2008


He's a nice guy even if he is a bit vacant!
You know, the light's on but nobody's home:)
Well he's a popper, what do you expect!!?

Illustration Fridays topic this week is 'Vacant'
Acrylic on canvas 8" x 8"