Monday 26 February 2007

Boobies having a chat

Comunication is this weeks topic for Illustration Friday

So in keeping with my birdy theme, I had fun with the blue footed Boobies from the Galapagus Islands. They are so animated in reality, they do a lovely mating dance, solemnly lifting their big blue feet, it's very funny. You can have a look at the dancing boobies . Hope it puts a smile on your face.

Tuesday 20 February 2007


This another from my bird series. It's acrylic on canvas, 7 inches x 9 inches approx.
He's just about to spear him a fish for his supper.

Saturday 17 February 2007


Illustration Friday
Gravity is this weeks topic. Again I'm sticking in previous work. Birds have the best deal when it comes to gravity, especially sea birds. they have the freedom of all three domains earth, air and sea.

Friday 16 February 2007

Creature comforts

Another brilliant animation from Aardman, the voice overs are just hilarious, I particularly sympathise with the Puma from brazil,"a tropical island......tell me where and I go."
This reminds me of a great book I read, The Life of Pi by Yann Martel, a very strange story brilliantly told. But a very small part of it was to do with a zoo and I must say I was impressed with the argument that was put forward in favour of keeping animals in captivity, not the usual extinction theme, more from the animals point of view ...freedom to hunt and be hunted, thanks very much but it's too exhausting...of course I'm paraphrasing here and I'm not totaly convinced but it did make me stop and think, like Kris Kristofferson's song, Me and Bobby Magee. .."Freedom's just another word for nothin' left to lose, nothin' aint worth nothin' but it's free" ......hmmm...

Wednesday 14 February 2007

Illustration Friday "Crash"

Have to admit I didn't do this painting with Illustration Friday in mind but I'm calling it Crash Landing and hope to get away with it.
It's acrylic on canvas.

Tuesday 13 February 2007

Purple and Brown , Aardman animation

I can remember being warned not to swallow my gum in case my insides got stuck together but had I thought this might happen there'd have been no stopping me!

Anyway there's loads more, each one just as silly, just click on the youtube in the corner of the video.
I've realised that it's an Aardman animation, same Aardman that gave us Wallace and Gromit, I should have recognised the style if not the smiles.

Tuesday 6 February 2007

Dancing Boobies

Another little gem from Youtube, the mating dance of blue footed Boobies' from the Galapagus Islands. Unfortunatly the colour isn't the best, so you don't get the full comical effect of him showing off his beautiful big blue feet. Isn't his bowing, before he approaches her, so dignified!

These guys were the main influence when I was creating George and Stanley, see prievious post "bird brains".

Grace Kelly

Mika singing Grace kelly. It cheers me up every time I hear it, I think it sounds like a cross between Queen and the Scissor Sisters, both favourites of mine. I only just got the reference to Freddy tonight when I got the video from You-Tube. So ya, Queen is obviously a big influence. Anyway I love it.

Monday 5 February 2007

Animation Friday

This is my favouite illustration friday this week, although animation does have the edge on illustration, this is a hoot.


Knowing how much I love Boobies, my brother sent me
this link .It's brilliant, not only as a great image but for the fun of the pun too. Brings to mind Sarah Lucas' fried egg t-shirt. Prefer the Boobies though.
Saw another great idea for a t-shirt on BifSniff ,one of my favouite blogs, highly entertaining.

Sunday 4 February 2007

Brussel sprouts, illustration friday

"Do not leave the table 'till you finish your sprouts, Charlie"

The topic this week is Sprout. I think brussel sprouts are a love them or hate them veg. I can remember being in this situation over spinnach, with no obliging pooch to save me. By the time I got round to gulping it down it was stone cold and tasted, I imagined, like old used teabags . My Mom still tries to insist but I'm big and bold enough now to resist, even if is good for you and full of iron ..blah de blah.. blah

I posted the black and white as well as the colour 'cause I had terrible trouble trying to get the colours right and I think I still prefer the black and white. I'd love to know what others think.