Monday 29 January 2007

Mad little dolls

Found this little cutie here and there's loads more where she came from, well worth a look . I find it hard to pick a favourite but this one is definitely a bit mad, and I love a bit of madness!

Sunday 28 January 2007

Little Red Riding Hood

This is my Illustration Friday, this weeks topic is "red".
As a kid I always thought Little Red Riding Hood must have been a bit daft not to have realised that the wolf was not her Granny the moment she saw him, even though he was heavily disguised in a nightgown and cap! So here she is in all her goofiness, "tum-tee-tum...."

Friday 26 January 2007

Felt like a bird!

Dying the old woollen blankets is a great tip I got from Mollychicken. Check it out, she gives a whole tutorial on how to do it.It's a brilliant way to have the exact colours you want. Below is Troy who I made entirely from the felt I made from old blankets from charity shops .

Name: Troy
Date of Birth: 22/01/07

Occupation: Entertainer
Specializes in tap dance!

Saturday 20 January 2007

Bird brains!

Just to give you a rough idea of their size, George ia approximately 12" and Stanley stands a proud 20", and I made them out of felt and beautiful woven wool by Alexanders of Scotland.


Mopsie's sister Flopsie

Flopsie's coat was inspired by Ruby's dress tutorial . In fact Mollychicken is one of my favouite blogs, her work is beautiful.

Thursday 11 January 2007

Illustration Friday

This is my first ever Illustration Friday
BUZZ is the topic this week. I'm also new to photoshop, it's brilliant, once you get the hang of using the layers!

Sunday 7 January 2007

Arum Lilies

These lilies are one of my favourite subjects to work with. Their combination of strength and delicacy will never cease to inspire me.

Work in progress; Blue footed Boobies from the Galapagos Islands

Started out in watercolour.

Enjoyed them so much that I decided to try them in acrylic.

But I still have a bit of work to do on these two boys, I'll post them up again when I feel that they're done.I think that the acrylic seems to add a bit of dignity to the guys, in comparison to the waterclour which are quite cartoony. Neither were conscious decisions.

Saturday 6 January 2007

Fluffy feathered friends

I'm quite pleased with the way these cuties turned out, they're a bit disgruntled, having just been kicked out of their cosy nest, poor things.

One that got away!

This little guy migrated to Canada

Our George

This is George, inspired by those blue footed boobies that I adore.

An avid reader our George.
The plan is that I make a whole flock of friends for our George.

Wednesday 3 January 2007

Having a Christmas

Cuddly cuties

This is Mopsie and a few friends that I made during the year.

Mopsie having a bad hair day


just hanging out

hello thingamajig

Starting up

Blue footed boobies from the galapagos islands, my main source of inspiration at the moment. They do a funny dance for the ladies to show off their beautiful blue feet,divinely comical.


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