Monday 27 April 2009

Blades of glory

These beautiful blades of glorious green are shooting up in a pot at the end of the garden.
Not having planted them myself I've no idea what they are, don't you just love a mystery!
Their sturdy structure combined with razor edges and delicate elegance have me enthralled.
There is something about them that satisfies my soul.
The photos do not do them justice but I just had to try to capture something of their character.

Saturday 25 April 2009

Walking with dinosaurs, Gordan's thespian dream!

Gordan was delighted to hear about the "Walking with Dinosaurs Live 2009" extravaganza.
He loved theater and always dreamed of strutting his stuff upon the stage!
This seemed like the perfect opportunity.

Illustration Friday's theme this week is 'Theater'
Gordan is done in acrylic on canvas 8" x 8"

Thursday 23 April 2009

Mohican blue tit

This weeks Thematic Photogrphic is 'Round'
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Friday 3 April 2009

Pretty as a posy

We had a few glorious hours of sunshine during the week, about a day and a half's worth!
Today was miserable, grey and wet.
So to cheer myself up I've posted a photograph I took on the sunny Wednesday to remind myself of the joys of spring and of the summer to come.
Forget-me-nots and primroses, nothing fancy but oh so pretty! No garden should be without them.
Have a look at what I did with my primroses last year, it's pretty cool:)

Thursday 2 April 2009

Narcissistic Kangaroo

I just realised last night that I was actually a week behind for Thematic photographic
This weeks topic is 'Reflective'
I snapped this kangaroo at Fota Wildlife Park last summer. It reminds me of the story of Narcissus.

Wednesday 1 April 2009

Windblown Sandpiper

The lonely flipflop, at the mercy of the ebb and flow of the grey stormy sea, was a poignant reminder that Summer was over. But watching this little sandpiper, scurrying along the shore from one seaweed pile to the next with the wind playing havoc with his feathers, made me smile all the same.

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