Friday 19 October 2007

Falling for a Zebra at Fota Wildlife park

Yes I fell head over heels for this little darling.
Who started out a little shy, but that didn't last long...

Oh you just want to take my picture, how about some action shots..

Here I go, watch me now...

Yahoo buckaroo

Here I come, did you see that, wasn't I great, amn't I fast though..

Pheeew.. that was exhausting, I think I'll have a nap now.


Perriette said...

HeeeeHeeee. A bunch of wonderful animal photos on your blog, Janie! I wanna cuddle them all. That little zebra is too much.

Robyn said...

Zebras & Pelicans - wonderful!

I've given your blog a couple of awards, Janie. Will totally understand if you don't have time to participate. Just know your blog delights me.