Sunday 22 June 2008

Hoarding stuff

Illustration Friday's topic this week is "Hoard'

Well I'm a self confessed hoarder.
I cannot walk on the beach without picking up pebbles, feathers, shells or whatever else might catch my eye.
I cannot walk past a charity shop without having a good old rummage.
I cannot throw out a shirt without saving the buttons.
I have boxes big and small full of bits and bobs that I just know will be crucial to some artwork someday somewhere!
The fact that it has never happened yet doesn't stop the hoarding.
So for this weeks Illustration Friday I gathered some treasures together in a sort of display case format.
I haven't worked out the logistics of keeping it all together to be able to hang it on the wall yet.
But I must say I thoroughly enjoyed playing with my precious hoard, it was like meeting old friends!
Below are a few close-up photos.


Tony LaRocca said...

I love the clockworks!

janie said...

hi Tony, glad you like the clockworks, it's an old faceless fob watch that I bought at a car boot sale a while back,

Mônica said...

Oh, you have a lot of little treasures here. I love how you gathered them all, in a shadow box, a little treat to see and cherish. Lovely!

Monica Josephson said...

Oooooo, pretty things and you've displayed them beautifully. You make hoarding a good thing! :)

Beth L said...

Janie you hoard such pretty (and small-this is practical) things. I think it's a creative thing, this hoarding...we all do it - although I'm much worse.
You say: "I cannot throw out a shirt without saving the buttons."
I cannot throw away the shirt to begin with!
You have a beautiful blog and fun art, and thanks for your kind comments on my blog!