Monday 13 October 2008

Photos of my furry friends in Fota wildlife park.

"Oh Gawd, here comes yer one again with her camera"

"Just act dumb"

Outa hear

Does this one remind anybody else of Circus McGurkus?

What, was it something I said!


"mnaah..what can I tell ya...on de one hand it's dis on de other it's dat..."


ian said...

do the gibbons still have their own island? I suppose they are a bit big to run around with all the lemurs and squirrel monkeys.

janie said...

hi Ian, yes they still have their own island,isn't it amazing how a few feet of shallow water keeps us all separated!
If only I had my wellies on!
Although they weren't happy at all when one of those weird waterhog thingies decided to pay their island a little visit, there was all out war in fact.They chased him off in no time.So it's probably just as well I didn't go for a paddle!

Anonymous said...

This is the casting agent for Glyndebourne Opera House, would you be so kind as to pass on contact details for your client? We are casting now for a production of 'Marriage of Figaro' and the Director is praying he's available.
Look forward to hearing from you.

p.s. Remuneration and Divas can be negotiated.

painted fish studio said...

great photos, funny captions! :)

mansuetude said...

you lifted my heart up, higher and higher--so fun!
I fall in love with that girafe's eyes...and ears, and hair-do!

That philosopher is talking to something very invisible indeed!

Artoholic said...

Janie, I can't decide whether you're captions or your photos make me laugh harder?

Well done girl!

bookbabie said...

Great series, makes me want to go to the zoo and snap my own animal pics:)