Wednesday 6 October 2010

Carbon footprints

Illustration Friday's theme this week is 'Beneath'.
These are my baby's footprints at six months old.

May the grass be always green beneath your feet, my darling one.

I used beetroot juice for the original, which came out a lovely soft baby pink, perfect!
But it has faded terribly since, you could hardly see the print when I took a photo of it.
So off to photoshop we go and kill all the cuteness.
Now it's more like a thermal image or what a carbon footprint might look like:)


dosankodebbie said...

What a lovely memento of your child's babyhood. Actually, blue and green are my favorite colors. I like the effect very much.

Juniper said...

That is a great image for 'carbon footprint' - companies could use that!

No comments on babyhood though I'm afraid, since I am totally unqualified ;-)


Twain12 said...

still a cool picture

mansuetude said...

ahh... blessings to those feet and the people loved by the heart attached, the smile, the gaze, the dreams.