Friday 21 January 2011

Carnivorous plants

I took these photos at The Chelsea Flower Show in 2006.Their bizarness really caught my imagination, I'd never come across them before. They look like a gathering of little aliens, deadly aliens if you happen to be a curious insect!
They're tropical pitcher plants aka nepenthes aka 'monkey cups' because monkeys drink the water that gathers in them.
I'm submitting these photos for Thematic Photographic.
I'm a week late, but the theme was "far from home" and as these plants originate in tropical rain forests, I felt it was fitting!

David Attenborough's documentary is well worth a watch.

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Carmi said...

Very fitting. And you wouldn't want 'em in the house, either :) I can imagine it might be more than a little dangerous and scary. No late-night tip-toeing to the kitchen for a glass of milk. One wrong bump and...