Tuesday 6 February 2007

Grace Kelly

Mika singing Grace kelly. It cheers me up every time I hear it, I think it sounds like a cross between Queen and the Scissor Sisters, both favourites of mine. I only just got the reference to Freddy tonight when I got the video from You-Tube. So ya, Queen is obviously a big influence. Anyway I love it.


Wee Cottage said...

I love this video....now I have to go search the web for this singer.

Eoin said...

It's a catchy tune but it's missing some of the elements that made Queen great.

That could easily be Robbie Williams singing. Listen to it!

Also, it sounds like a Christmas tune to me. Hadn't seen the video before though. Thanks.

janie said...

Eoin, how right you are, it does sound like Robbie, I hadn't noticed. But that's fine with me, I love Robbie Williams, what can I say, ok ok, it's his cheeky grin!

Anyway Mika might not have Queens' fabulousness, then again who does,I just hope he's not a flash in the panpipes! He's got a great grin!!

Eoin said...

He's got flash in the panpipes written all over him if u ask me, but what do I know?

janie said...

oh ye of little faith and high standards. well, long may his flash and his panpipes be!