Monday 5 February 2007


Knowing how much I love Boobies, my brother sent me
this link .It's brilliant, not only as a great image but for the fun of the pun too. Brings to mind Sarah Lucas' fried egg t-shirt. Prefer the Boobies though.
Saw another great idea for a t-shirt on BifSniff ,one of my favouite blogs, highly entertaining.


Rich.. said...

Seem's like your brother is determined to lower the tone of this blog....guaranteed to increase traffic ! Funny, I always thought the fried egg t-shirt was Tracy live and learn.

janie said...

Ya ,so did I,untill I'd trawled through loads of Tracy Emin googles,and luckily on one there was a reference to Sarah's t-shirt.Unless she was wearing Tracy's work,you know us girls, when it comes to clothes, nothings sacred!