Tuesday 27 March 2007

Arum lily, longer lasting loveliness

I did these in ink, and I'm quite pleased with the effect,sort of graphic, bold and strong with a hint of a tint of creepiness. I know that these flowers have a history of being used for funerals and I have my own little theory as to why, other than the fact that they are very serious,stately flowers, none of your blousey petals or brash colours going on. Anyway my theory is this, they were used as funeral flowers in the days of old because they are the only flowers that the sheep wouldn't eat, as they are poisonous, so not only would they last on the grave, they would also be plentiful in the wilds. So there you have it, grim fairy tales of Janie.


annax said...

These are so very very beautiful, so crisp. Lovely work!

Angela Rockett said...

These are really beautiful!