Sunday 15 April 2007

Gardening, growing Lupins

This is my second year of gardening and I'm loving it. I've a few lupin plants that I bought last yr, hurray for perennials, I've sown their seeds and low and behold, beautiful babies. Now I understand why they call it a nursery. Just look at that sweet seedling, its like a little hand.

Unfortunately I've discovered that they don't flower in their first year. A bit disappointing but there you go that's gardening for you. Luckily I took cuttings from the mother ship(see below) and so have a few slightly more mature guys, pre-teens maybe, coming on. I've no idea if they'll flower this year or not.

This is the result I'm hoping for, beautiful.

I can't remember if I had blue ones, I definitely had pink and yellow ones.

There are some interesting botanical facts to be found
for example
John Parkinson attributed wonderful virtues to the plant.

Many women, he says 'doe use the meale of Lupines mingled with the gall of a goate and some juyce of Lemons to make into a forme of a soft ointment.' He says that the burning of Lupin seeds drives away gnats.

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