Tuesday 17 April 2007

Amateur in the garden.......

Trying to create a flower bed.

Ok, this was my first pathetic attempt, a Delphinium( I think ) surrounded by some geraniums, petunias and lobelias.
So I had a look at some chelsea flower show winners and started again.

Well it wont be going to Chelsea, but a much better effort.
Maybe a Little crowded to the back but I do want to leave space for some dwarf cosmo that I'm growing ( slowly ) from seed, and I'll dot in a few poppies as well when they're big enough to fight their corner!

I transplanted stuff from around the garden and unfortunately the fennel and the anemones went into shock! I gave them bucket loads of water which I'm hoping will revive them, not drown them. It's such a big learning curve, this gardening lark. I hope with my learn as you go method, that I don't have too many fatalities!
So if anybody out there has any helpful hints , I'd love to hear for you.

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