Wednesday 21 November 2007


Superstition is the topic for Illustration Friday this week.
Some people are superstitious about black cats, it's either lucky or unlucky if they cross your path, I'm not sure which.
Well something must have crossed this little fellows path and spooked him badly.
I love cats myself but I can understand how if you're not a cat person they could freak you out, with their steady stares and slinkiness.


Ammon said...

Great minds indeed!

Great work on that little guy.

Cathy said...

Ooh! Lovely drawing, Janie - you've really captured that way all their fur sticks out. Nothing looks startled the way startled cats do!

Twisselman said...

There's a lot of energy in every bit of this critter... from the tip of his tail to the flexed claws. Great dash of color in the ear. Our dog can get the same reaction out of cat if he surprises her... much spitting and hissing.

Anonymous said...

that's a chilling cat, nice job, and thanks for your lovely comment!

Anonymous said...

Really nice energy in this drawing

Anonymous said...

Really nice energy in this drawing