Wednesday 16 January 2008


I found this really old Monopoly game in a charity shop yesterday.
It must be at least thirty years old and it still had all it's pieces!
I'd fun taking photos of the little sports car.
Is that in the newer edition?
I don't actually remember it from playing as a kid.
What I do remember is the squabbling from the start as to who got to be what piece, I loved the hat and of course nobody wanted the iron or the old boot!
And the bickering continued all through the game until somebody stormed off in high dudgeon.
In fact I doubt very much if we ever actually managed to play the game to the end.
As soon as I was old enough to understand the game it bored me, same with chess, the minute I realised it wasn't all about taking as many of your opponents pieces as quickly as possible I just couldn't be bothered!
Strategy was never my strong point! It stresses me out!


Rich.. said...

Coooool car though ...

padraigin said...

hehehehe...i feel exactly the same about both games. ...those two and risk...all that strategy drives me nuts. even boggle, i have a roommate who likes to tally up scores across all the games we play in a night--and that's too much. 3 minute slots thank you!

janie said...

Ah yes 3 minutes, I knew there was a good reason I loved boggle:)
Have you seen Finding Nemo ?
Well I totally relate to Dora!

ian said...

They had the metal racing car in the set my parents have, but given that it is older than I am it must be at least ten years older than yours.

Monopoly is a dreadfully dull game, though I did read on the Internet once about some guy who used to play it with his seven year old sun and a load of cuddly toys, where the real action came from managing all the toys' individual personalities.

ian said...
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janie said...

Muppet monopoly, sounds like my kind of game:)