Wednesday 9 April 2008

Polar bears, endangered species

Illustration Friday's topic is 'Save'.
This is my illustration of a Polar bear who like many endangered species needs saving from the consequences of our actions.
According to this months National Geographic, due to climate change,"Some experts estimate that polar bears may become extinct by the end of the century unless something is done fast".
We must, as the superior species we're supposed to be, do our utmost to save these magnificent animals that we have endangered with our ignorant abuse of the delicate balance of nature.
You can read all about Polar bears and other endangered species here


elizabeth said...

What a cool drawing style you have here!

Og from the Og Blog said...

That looks like it's put together with spider webs. Very cool.

timafli said...

Cool style, very big white spaces.

Tali said...

i like it!

flossy-p said...

who's been having fun with the etch-a-sketch? hehe.

No seriously this is a really beautiful and unique style you have. It's lovely and wispy and a nice mix of strong lines and delicate threads. It reminds me a bit of those cotton thread pictures. Very very nice.

Anonymous said...

He's great, that's not easy to do:)

Robyn said...

Great design!

Tony LaRocca said...

Awesome style!

As far as polar bears dying, I had the following argument with someone about global warming:

Me: The polar bears are dying out.

Him: Well, Global warming isn't caused by pollution, it's caused by the earth's cycles.

Me: Um.. ok... but the polar bears are still dying out.

Him: But pollution doesn't cause global warming.

Me: Umm... fine.. but the polar bears are still dying out!

(and so on)

janie said...

Thanks to everybody, glad you liked the style, the secret ingredient is SCRIBBLER and that's all I'm saying:)

Bee said...

Great work, you've used a really interesting and effective style here. And of course raised an important issue.

Emily said...

simply love these lines!

Skii said...

Hi i am a polar bear and i want to thank you for what you try to do to help my people. The picture looks like my uncl albert. keep up the support of my kind thanks.