Wednesday 14 May 2008

Pretty cool!

I wanted to do something special for my brothers wedding party so I looked into edible flowers and came up with flowery ice-cubes.

They were a great success, they looked so pretty and were the perfect party ice breaker:)

Everybody loved them...well nearly everybody...."are you sure they're edible"..."is she trying to poison us"..."is Janie really the evil Ice Queen"...ok so some of the lads were getting carried away but the ladies were most appreciative.

The primroses were the most successful, I did use daisies as well but they tended to close up a little in the ice. Violets would be sweet too, I didn't have any though.

Anyway they're easy to make and fun to use, party on dudes!


frankp said...

They looked amazing! Much more exciting looking than in the photographs in fact :)

janie said...

Thanks Frank, you're right the photos don't really do them justice.

Calder said...

So cool, something most will remember for a long time to come. Glad it worked out so well for your brother's special day.


janie said...

thanks Calder, the wedding was special, one of the best I've every been to, to be honest.

Emily said...

I love it! nicely shots as well.

painted fish studio said...

wow, what a great idea!