Tuesday 1 July 2008

Flower prints

I did this flower print today with flowers from my garden.
I was inspired by this post at painted fish studio
I used the exact same technique except with flowers on watercolour paper.
The column of blue flowers are delphiniums, and of course everybody knows the pansy, the little red flowers are verbena and the last are little purple daisies.
I was amazed at the detail and colour that came out.
I have no idea how colour fast the natural dye of the flowers is but it was such a joy just to experiment.
I'll be sure to date it and record the fading, out of curiosity.


painted fish studio said...

wow. it is really beautiful!

janie said...

thanks delighted you stopped by

JuliaB said...

THat is AMAZING!!!! It seems somehow barbaric to hammer those beautiful leaves and petals (I am not of the opinion that they feel pain don't worry!!)... but the results are sooo gorgeous, and it does preserve their beauty so delicately and so perfectly!