Friday 18 July 2008

Old Penguin paperbacks

This gorgeous oil on canvas was painted by Irish Artist Dannielle Sheehey.
Dannielle is an amazingly diverse artist who works in all different mediums, from large public installations to exquisitely formed small metal sculptures, and of course oil painting.
Her recent exhibition took her and her beautiful paintings to Sydney Australia.
I saw Dannielle's work exhibited in The Triscal Art Centre in Cork and I fell in love with a painting of a stack of old penguin paperbacks but unfortunately it was already sold so I commissioned my own stack.
And the great thing is that I collect these old penguin paperbacks so I gave Dannielle
some of my all time favourites to put in the painting so it's far more personal.
The photo of it doesn't really do it justice, it is actually more vibrant in reality.
I love my painting.
Thank you Dannielle

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