Saturday 16 August 2008

Bats in the belfry

Ok I don't have a belfry but I did have a bat in the conservatory this morning.
He's a Pipistrelle, the most common bat found in Ireland.
Sorry about the poor quality of the photos but I was too excited by my guest to concentrate on the photo shoot!

He was tiny, about four cm, with his wings closed anyway.
But you should have seen his fangs, a mouth full of tiny sharp needle points that he kept bearing every time I went near, just as well he was a pipsqueak!
I found him just sitting on the floor and he made no attempt to spread his wings when I picked him up.
I put him into a box to keep him safe from Ms.Tippytoes the cat.
Gave him a drink of water with the head of a cotton bud, which he thoroughly enjoyed and put us on a far more friendly footing!

The water must have revived him, a few minutes later he crawled out of the box, sort of half flew, half fell to the floor, which seemed to remind him that he had wings and then he flew a little groggily out the door.

I hope he's ok, I was rather bereft to see him go, I had grown quite fond of his furry face:)


mansuetude said...

i love the part about the bringing of a cup of water to a bat. your photos are awesome. I marvel.

janie said...

Thanks mansuetude, The bat loved it too:)

scalder said...

what a cool visit! That must have made your day.

janie said...

It certainly did, Scalder.