Thursday 21 August 2008

Red Admiral Butterfly

Snapped this fellow a couple of days ago in the garden, isn't he a beauty!
Apparently they feed on nettles and buddleia and over ripe fruit.
I have all three, the fruit being blackberries!
It's nice to know somebody's benefiting from the abundance of nettles and brambles in my garden:)
I was surprised at the beauty of the design on the underside of his wings, his showy top side is almost boring in comparison.
He was quite friendly fellow too, he landed on my leg and stayed for a chat, not that he had much to say.
But in the words of Mr. Ronan Keating 'You say it best when you say nothing at all'
Lyrics, that I might add, I've always found annoying and offensive.
I mean, what, is she too stupid to express herself or too annoying when she does opens her mouth?
Anyway Mr. Red Admiral could have been telling me the answers to the universe and everything but I was far too busy oohing and ahhing at his gorgeousness!


mansuetude said...

i think the beauty, the encounter, the powder of the wings, the ooh and ahhing, the silence, the thought about it all--it all IS the secret of the Universe. You. The Butterfly...the blackberries which yes, should be in my mouth! Lovely words. thanks.

janie said...

How right you are, It's all there under our noses.
Hmm, time for some blackberry picking:)

joes said...

I'd just like to stick up for Mr. Keating there as I think you've misrepresented his sentiments about communicating on a non-verbal level... :)