Monday 27 April 2009

Blades of glory

These beautiful blades of glorious green are shooting up in a pot at the end of the garden.
Not having planted them myself I've no idea what they are, don't you just love a mystery!
Their sturdy structure combined with razor edges and delicate elegance have me enthralled.
There is something about them that satisfies my soul.
The photos do not do them justice but I just had to try to capture something of their character.


painted fish studio said...

they are stunning!

mansuetude said...

second one is so tender, the crop of it makes it welcome me in! is it dafodills

Mojo said...

Those last couple are so sharp it's almost like the edges are highlighted. Marvelous!

Anonymous said...

What lovely photos! Such pretty light.

Francis Bell said...

WOW-great site-I really enjoyed the pictures !! Thanks for brightening my day! Francis