Friday 3 April 2009

Pretty as a posy

We had a few glorious hours of sunshine during the week, about a day and a half's worth!
Today was miserable, grey and wet.
So to cheer myself up I've posted a photograph I took on the sunny Wednesday to remind myself of the joys of spring and of the summer to come.
Forget-me-nots and primroses, nothing fancy but oh so pretty! No garden should be without them.
Have a look at what I did with my primroses last year, it's pretty cool:)


Daryl said...

Pretty posies and a neat reflective shot

Thanks for the visit and nice comment!

Anonymous said...

Good idea Janie, pretty flowers! We have snow on the ground today, combined with a dumb cold that won't go away I need some cheering up too!

painted fish studio said...

so, so pretty!

Lin said...

What a beautiful bouquet! Love the way the pitcher compliments them. Very homey!

Anonymous said...

Oh now this is a lovely photo too! So Springy!!!