Wednesday 25 November 2009

My first book

I've heard it said that everybody has one good book in them.
Well I'm proud to say I've just finished creating mine!
And here it is... ta-da!!
Hope you enjoy it and mores to the point I hope it entertains my four month old baby girl.
I certainly enjoyed the making of it, words are so over rated, don't you think?


Robyn said...

Oh, every girl should have a copy of this book, Janie. Gorgeous and a treasure for the generations to come.

mansuetude said...

this is wonderful! Every bit of me thinks, "Now, this is a book to chew on" am i right?

Congratulations on your small one; and all the energy you are now pouring into the growth of another soul, blessings.

Anonymous said...

Just ran across your blog--a wonderful little book! What a lucky little girl you have.

J.J. said...

Wow, I can see the time and effort that went into that, and it's lovely, it looks so tactile! Makes me want one myself(as I don't have any children!)