Saturday 20 January 2007

Bird brains!

Just to give you a rough idea of their size, George ia approximately 12" and Stanley stands a proud 20", and I made them out of felt and beautiful woven wool by Alexanders of Scotland.


joes said...

I could look after him, give him a proper education like, y'know just so he doesn't end up on the streets doing dem drugs and joyriding kinda stuff like...

For your own (physical) education see

janie said...

HI Jeo that's so kind of you,maybe you could be his godfather or even one of those "big brother" dudes and take him to cool events 'n stuff, 'cause you know he was mixing with a wild crowd there last saturday night,whoooh, dodgy, very dodgy.

joes said...

Ah...ummm...yes...Zebedee is dying for a new haven't met Zebedee but he is the cutest...maybe you could immortalise him in felt...I could grant you exclusive worldwide rights...for a small fee...

John said...

Hi there,

Please let me introduce myself. I am Stanley's legal council. Stanley is very upset that he has been used in this set-up. With an IQ of 169 my client is clearly a genius and the conversation which ensued in this set of photos was as follows:

Hi George. Have you seen that amazing comet I've been tracking for the last three years. I think NASA have decided to call it "Stanley's Comet"!

Wow dude that's so cool! How did you discover it?

Well I ran some predictive algorithms on my laptop and then I built a radio telescope using some chickenwire and an old TV and I tracked it as it came into the solar system...

My Head Hurts!

Yes I'm quite proud of it and tomorrow I'm moving to Glengarriff to get a better view of the night sky. I'll probably write all this up for astronomer monthly... George? George?