Tuesday 19 June 2007

Mating Dance

Illustration Friday "Rejection"
Stanley couldn't contemplate the idea of rejection, as he proudly displayed his beautiful blue feet in the traditional mating dance of the blue footed Boobies.

See the real thing here


Cathy said...

Superb feet - who could resist them?

Janice said...

I just want to hug him... He is adorable... !
betcha he is great in the water!

bookbabie said...

He looks like he's having fun:)

Tony LaRocca said...

He's quite proud of them flippers!

Perriette said...

Blue footed Boobies are more fun than big bummed Emperors!

janie said...

Thanks everybody, Stanley is delighted with the feed back.
He totally agrees with you Perriette,
he thinks the Emperor's feet are pathetic!
Janice, he wants you to know he's a wizard in the water and would love a hug.
And Tony, wouldn't you be!!

Kathleen Rietz said...

Oh, that's funny! I have seen this dance done before! ;-)