Wednesday 19 September 2007

Expensive paper

I know ,I know, enough with the anemones already!
But I feel I'm making progress, should bloody well hope so, this is the fifth attempt.
This time though I used expensive watercolour paper, I mean really expensive...
13 euro for a sheet of 20x30" 600gms weight rough finish.
It's the most I ever paid for paper but oh it is so worth it.
I like the way it bleeds the paint and soaks up the water without buckling, it just adds an extra dimension to the painting that I love.
It's a whole new learning curve but I'm not complaining, I'm thrilled about it.


Anonymous said...

This is beautiful! Seriously!

Robyn said...

Beautiful result! I'm really enjoying your obsession with the anemones. 13 euro - that's expensive. The most I've paid for Fabriano 300lb paper is 7 euro per sheet. Beautiful paper is worth the investment. Unfortunately I usually let it intimidate me.

janie said...

thank you sherry and robyn.
I do believe my obsession is paying off.
Robyn , I know exactly how you feel, but I divided the sheet into four pieces and then I didn't feel quite so precious about it:)

Digital Scott's illustrationblog said...

Spectacular! And I'm sure it's not just the expensive paper!

janie said...

Thanks scott, sweet of you to say.