Tuesday 25 September 2007

Saunder's Water Ford scrumptious Watercolour Paper.

A few posts ago I was waffling on about expensive watercolour paper.
Well it turns out I was totally ripped off, I found the same paper for 7.95 euros a sheet, that's 5 euros cheaper!
No wonder I was shocked at the price.
So naturally I snapped up, what now seemed like a bargain, all the scrumptious paper they had in the shop and spent a small fortune!!
But you know the mind is a funny thing, well mine is anyway!
Having plenty of paper has given me a great sense of freedom, I'm not feeling so precious about the paper.
In fact the watercolour above is twice the size of my previous one and is done on the scrumptious paper, Saunder's Water Ford series, rough surface, 300lb.

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enigma said...

love your anemones series, beautiful works!