Monday 17 March 2008

Chasing rainbows

Happy Paddy's Day from the land of Leprechauns and rainbows.
Myself and and my love were up at the crackle of dawn chasing rainbows from one end of the green Isle to the other.
But that pot of gold is always just around the corner or over that hill, like Alice in Wonderland, "jam every other day, never jam today"
The very fact that there was a rainbow to follow at all was a prize in itself though, it meant that the sun was out and following us!


Anonymous said...

You're right Janie, the rainbow is the pot of gold! It's funny, I have a quote board in my kitchen and the quote on it right now is "The goal is the path":)

Calder said...

Awesome rainbows!!! Have a golden day!!