Saturday 29 March 2008

Tyler Warren, Surfer and artist.

This looks like heaven to me.
So graceful and so mellow, some day that will be me hanging ten(toes) on my longboard in the sunshine.
Not someday soon, but someday!
Check out Tyler Warren's art as well.
It's as graceful as his surfing.


Anonymous said...

Very cool, I also have a secret surfer inside. If only I was 20 years younger and lived on the coast:(

janie said...

Hi bookbaby, 20 yrs younger would be nice but I don't have the excuse of not living on the coast, so this year I'm determined to get back in the water, it's been about five years!

joes said...

Ah just lovely.

That was about as much wave time as I get in a whole summer! :)