Tuesday 9 September 2008

Rooks on the brain

Crows are my passion at the moment.
Rooks in particular, they're so charismatic.
The juveniles strut around in gangs, squabbling and squawking and throwing shapes, just like teenagers!
I've been taking lots of photographs and now I've finally started to sketch from them.
I did these two with my Inktense watersoluble pencils and then finished them off in photoshop by posterizing them.
I think it gives the sketches a more dynamic look.

Have a look at the cutest odd couple, it's like something Walt Disney would have made a movie out of:)


Artoholic said...

Janie that footage was just gorgeous!

Back in the other states I used to be a wildlife carer, with many of my patients ebing young ravens and crows. Such a racuous personality - they had it in bucketloads!

I have quite a collection of raven feathers as well. We had a family that visited our yard each day and they sometimes left behind their gifts of feathers. Someone told me they are supposed to be protective spirits.

Sadly, no ravens or crows up here in the tropics - the closest is the Butcher bird - ruthless but cheeky. And SMART!

Kind regards,


janie said...

Hi Cindy, I had to googled the butcher bird and ya he's like a magpie with a wicked hook on his beak,but with a beautiful singing voice apparently.The Deadly diva:)
I like the sound of your old job, I rescued a young jackdaw once, one look in his pale blue eyes and I was smitten, the feeling wasn't mutual though, he was up and off the minute he got his breath back:)

mansuetude said...

you got some pizazzing attitude in that top photo; its strutting off the blogs! :)