Friday 19 September 2008

Thematic Photographic 'Nature'

I'm taking part in Thematic Photographic, where a topic is posted every Wednesday evening.
This week it's 'Nature'
Well this little Ring tailed lemur is living, not quite as nature intended, on Fota Wild Life Park.
He's obviously missing his native Madagascar sun, or else he's been reading the tabloids where everybody seems to be using the sunbeds!

I'm not one for zoos myself but Fota Wild Life Park is exceptional and the only thing the animals complain about is the weather, but then so do the rest of the Irish population!

These Madagascar lemurs are my favourites, they're so full of character and mischief. They are an endless source of inspiration


mamie said...

What interesting photographs they make with their black and white stripes. I love the last one best.

ian said...

Lemurs v. Squirrel Monkeys FITE!

The last time I was in Fota it was in January, and the Lemurs were all huddled together on the heatlamps, but then they warmed up enough to start doing things.

ian said...
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April said...

Your photos of the Lemurs are wonderful. It looks like somebody has arrived to feed them the way they are straining to see what's in the van. You have a very nice blog - Good luck with the Martha Stewart competition!

Carmi said...

I just want to give them all a hug. They are so SWEET!

I love how they congregate on the roof. Your photos captures their character wonderfully.