Wednesday 24 September 2008

Wordless Wednesday


JO said...


here's mine... thanks!

Toni said...

The white against the blue is stunning! I love being able to capture little hidden creatures like that. :) Nice shot!

Thanks for visiting - the spiky pod is what is left after the bloom of a Moon flower dies off. They eventually turn brown and pop open, throwing seeds everywhere :)

Sushi said...

Really cool picture! Good job!

shae-shae said...

That's awesome... creepy, but awesome.

painted fish studio said...

beautiful, but gives me the willies!

Emily said...

Spooky! Amazing catch!

Artoholic said...

What an awesome colour combo!

We have the same white spider in our garden (Crab/ White Flower Spider).

At first I didn't know why a honey bee was moving around a flower on it's side. Then when I got closer, it went UNDER the flower. A REAL close look showed the white spider perfectly disguised on the white flower, with the hapless bee in it's jaws.

Great captures!