Thursday 20 November 2008

Broken Angels

This is a photo of my work in progress from a few years back.
Thought it fitted well for the topic 'Broken', this weeks Thematic Photographic
These are the 'green' clay angels, green meaning they still have to be fired in the kiln, then glazed and re-fired, so basically they're still in the very raw stage and easily broken!

Sorry about the poor quality photo below, but at least it gives you an idea of how they finished up.


Mojo said...

Wow. There's not really a frame of reference in the greenware photo to get a sense of scale from. They're actually much bigger than they look there.

But scale or no scale, I love that first shot. It's kind of dark and brooding and perfect for both the subject and the theme!

Nicely played!

Leora said...

Broken clay. Yes, I can relate!

kenju said...

Those are very good. Is it odd to say I preferred them in the "green" state?

Thanks for the visit and I am glad I could name something for you!

sealaura said...

Love the first shot. very cool. It makes you want to look carefully at the image for all the details.

Martha said...

Wow! Excellent for the theme and wonderful work!