Tuesday 25 November 2008

Christmas Party Pals

"Is the hat really necessary" grumbled Toby, "yes,"replied Josh "it's a Christmas party for kids, they'll love you in it"
"Well, I feel ridiculous, like one of the seven dwarfs"
"Alright, Grumpy, lets go and have some fun, or is it Dopey?"
"Please, at least let me be Doc"

The boys are working out nicely, now I just have to develop a background style, that's the hard part for me.
Please, if anybody has background tips or ideas, I'd love to know about them.


loubylou said...

hehe, dogs ready for christmas! an unusual pairing of dogs!!
nice drawing style, the intensity of the black areas is lovely. cute paws!

ps.thanks for comments janie

Maria said...

Thank you coming over to view my thematic photo "sweet". This is my first time visiting your site and I love your drawings. My daughter has a Basset Hound and you have captured the personality perfectly.

painted fish studio said...

cute! i bought reindeer ears for my labrador a few years ago, and forced him to sit in front of the christmas tree for photos. i sent them out as christmas cards, and still love looking at them!

mansuetude said...

i love them just as is.
great text, too!

Dermott said...

Yo Joshua! I, too, am a victim of anthropomorphism. I have walked in your boofy pawprints, I have felt your pain.