Sunday 16 November 2008

Row of Penguins

I have a passion for penguins both the feather-back and the paperback kind!!
I'm always on the lookout in charity shops and car-boot sales to add to my collection.
They do seem to be getting scarcer, although you can still buy them in second hand book shops,but that kind of takes the thrill of the "Find".

Thematic Photographic this week is 'Rows'


Beth@Pages of Our Life said...


Thanks for coming by. I love that the books are worn. It adds to the character of your picture. I have never thought about taking pictures of books with this angle.

Like it!

sealaura said...

very clever. :) thanks for visiting me.

painted fish studio said...

what a great collection!

Leora said...

Cool idea for rows! I couldn't come up with anything I liked enough to photograph. I love all the little penguins together.

mansuetude said...

why does this penguin book love touch me deeply. i am really moved by it! each one has its own wrinkles, and its story behind the little surface... thanks.