Wednesday 30 May 2007

The cruelty of nature

Janie Goes Wild

The baby Green Finches I've been watching have all died of exposure over night. There was evidence of foul play (no pun intended).I don't mean to sound flippant, I was actually very upset when I discovered them and the nest covered in Momma birds feathers. Obviously somebody else discovered her too and I suspect the worst.
In fact I suspect it was Miss Tippytoes (see below) in the garden with a set of sharp claws.

Here she is playing with her latest victim, a shrew. I know they're protected species but what can I do, there's no talking to her.
She is a lean, mean killing machine.....with a fluffy tummy!

There is a lovely birdy story with a happy ending and gorgeous photos at Bookbabies site
Well worth checking out, lots of other very interesting posts as well.

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bookbabie said...

Thanks for the mention, and so sorry about your birdies. We used to have a cat (the infamous Garfield) who would not have put up with our front door nest either if he hadn't already crossed over to that great hunting ground in the sky himself;)