Thursday 17 May 2007

Sibling rivalry .....When push comes to shove....

They're so funny and nearly twice the size of poor old mommy bird, with their baby fluff.
They're the first baby birds I've seen this spring, they must be one of the first broods.According to Rob Hume's book, Birds of Britain and Europe the Green finch have 1 or 2 broods of 4 to 6 eggs from April to July.
And I'm still watching the nest with 5 eggs yet to hatch.


Janice said...

oh my..this is hilarious... How lucky you are to get a ..*ahem* birds eye view! :)

janie said...

Thanks for dropping by janice, I do feel very lucky to have the daily dramas unfold right outside my window. I put up a few peanut feeders and now i just sit back to watch the show.