Tuesday 29 May 2007

Sunday drivers

Illustration Friday
Topic "Cars"
Larry always enjoyed taking Betty out for a Sunday jaunt in his lovely jalopy.


bookbabie said...

Cute illo, I like your blog too, we just had baby finches on our front door wreath, so cute. I put pics on my www.bookbabie blog:)

Larry Lee said...

The others need to take their cue from Larry (like the name) and Betty. Sometimes you need to slow down and smell the pastures.

Vhrsti said...

Very nice illo! I like it very much.

Janice said...

This is great...I wonder if there is an ice-cream parlor at the end of the drive..?

(change of topic) Did you figure out how many birds she had in her nest...? Will there be more pics?

janie said...

Thanks for the great comments everyone.
Janice, I'm very sorry to have to say that the baby birds didn't survive, I've put an update since you stopped by, thank you for asking, I've been putting off posting the sad news but now it's done.