Tuesday 1 May 2007

The Guardian photo competition

This is my entry for the Guardian news paper's weekly photo competition. The topic this week is "markets".
Now before you start judging my effort too harshly, I'd like to explain that you only have from sat. till tues.noon to get in your entry .
So being a bit of a procrastinator, it was a case of running down to my local supermarket this morning and snapping a few shots in the veggie section where a concerned assistant asked if I needed help!!
I think he meant professional!
Then in the rush to get it emailed on time , my caption is crap and grammatically bad.
I love the colours and textures to be seen in the fresh fruit and veg markets Begorrah!
Anyway you can find out all about the competition here

1 comment:

scrumpsh said...

Luscious light and shine on these, makes you want to reach out and touch. Hope you win!