Friday 20 July 2007

Daemons and The golden compass

For those of you who haven't read Philip Pullman's trilogy "His Dark Materials" your Daemon is the physical manifestation of your soul in the form of an animal who never leaves your side and who can chat away with you.
Excellent concept.
As a kid I always wanted a parrot or a monkey who'd sit on my shoulder and talk to me.
Eventually I got a puppy, an Old English Sheepdog, so it wasn't long before putting him on my shoulder wasn't such a good idea!
Anyway just click on my Daemon if you'd like to find out what your own would be.
You can also see a trailer of the movie "The Golden Compass"
I first heard the news of the movie on bookbabies
blog and not realising it was the first book of the trilogy which was called "Northern Lights" I have been pestering my local library to order in The Golden Compass for me, delighted that I had the treat of a new Philip Pullman in store.
Apparently the same book was released as "The Golden Compass" in North America, a bit confusing. But all was made clear to me thanks to fossforous

Oh well at least I have the film to look forward to.


Cathy said...

Love this blog and everything on it, Janie - do you want to link to mine?

janie said...
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janie said...

sorry, that just was me getting boggle eyed!
Yes, thank you Cathy, that would be great.

Cathy said...

Done! And I've just tested the link! And it works! Yayy!

(It's a lot easier on the new look Blogger than it used to be on the old one!)

Perriette said...

I did this and got a Raven. I keep meaning to post it but, as usual, keep forgetting.

janie said...

Perriette, you luck girl, they're highly intelegent and very inquisitive aren't they? I'm rereading the first in the trilogy and I've just read that it's usually the servents have dogs for their daemons...cup of tea anyone?