Wednesday 18 July 2007


Illustration Friday.Discovery
She wasn't sure what it was, but she knew instinctively that it didn't belong there.
There was a feeling of desolation about it. It sent a shiver through her tail and not wanting to be there alone she swam off to tell the others about her discovery.

This was done with a mixture of watercolour to start with and then digitally enhanced in photoshop.


Janice said...

nice and mysterious and swishy feeling... Love the colours... :)

Erik Petri said...

great image, great textures!
your image has a special atmosphere, very cool

Ginger*:)* said...

This has a wonderful ethereal quality about it. Very lovely.

bookbabie said...

Ooh, very nice, got the watery part down good. Pretty!

zari.ZHM said...

This is a great image...a simple but strong concept...great colors!

Fossfor said...

I love this illo, great work!

neilornstein said...

nery nice

Anonymous said...

hi jane,
thanks for dropping by the gallery today, and for the tour around your blog, IF, and IFN!

i really like the blog- you sure are a busy bee (more than a jackal i suspect!). i especially like the mermaid exploring the depths of sunken aircrafts.

call again soon,
Sheena x

PS: take a look at some of these illustrations: