Monday 23 July 2007

Seabird, poetry in motion

This weeks Illustration Friday topic is Poem.
So I wrote a poem for an acrylic painting I had already done!
I don't actually write poetry, but this is my second attempt and I really enjoyed doing it.

flight from the night
subdued sunset
bruised hues
on a white breast
agile wings
winds of chaos
before the clash
of sea and sky
lonesome cry
fly storm bird fly


trudette said...

Lovely painting and a very nice poem too.

bookbabie said...

That's good way to go, write a poem for a piece you already have, nice painting and pretty poem!

janie said...

Thanks trudette and bookbabie,
ya, I took the easy option really, doing the assignment backwards:)

Anonymous said...

Really nice painting, excellent use of colours here.
The poem you wrote to go with it is great too.
Good stuff :)

slauz said...

what a good color, so cool !! so soft! awesome!!

the heartful blogger said...

just lovely!

the heartful blogger said...

Hi Janie, thanks for commenting on my drawing. I didn't do a course for the zen drawing, there's a book called Zen Seeing, Zen Drawing by Frederick Franck. I just read that. There's a link to it on the sidebar of my blog.

AndyDoodler said...

Beautiful painting and poem!!

Janice said...

very cool.. the painting is great.. and the poem brings the sounds of waves to my ears..

janie said...

thanks everyone, thats all very encouraging.

Nooy said...

Birds in flight are natures poetry... well captured, feels very free!

Sofia said...

I would talk with you about your owls. I'm looking for illustrations for an academics review on arts... Could you write me? My email is Thanks.

Calder said...

I clicked on your poetry tag and found this awesome painting, and the verse is a bruchstroke of magic too, great stuff!