Thursday 26 July 2007

Thriving garden.

Just an update on my gardening.
Back in April I tried creating a border and at the time I wasn't too sure if it would flourish or flounder.

Well I'm delighted with the results.Everything thrived, some rather more enthusiastically than I'd imagined or left room for!
That large jungle like plant on the left for example, I love it but it is taking over a bit. In fact there's a poor little hydrangea engulfed there in the front, you can't even see it.

And here's a side view. I tried to keep it all cool and blue on this side of the garden and I love the combination of the arum lilies against the Irises.


Janice said...

oooh its lovely!! nice and calming

janie said...

Thanks janice, yes you're right it is the calmest spot in the garden, the rest is quite chaotic.

bookbabie said...

Very pretty! It's funny when I started reading the post I thought the first photo was the "thriving border" and I must admit I was questioning your gardening skills, but it filled in wonderfully;-)

janie said...

Thanks bookbabie ,that gave me a good
laugh, it does look rather pathetic.