Thursday 19 July 2007

Wonderful Weeds

Even though I've a garden full of flowers, I found myself and my camera drawn to these old friends.

I don't know the botanical name for these but as kids we used them to play "soldiers", where you'd hold out your poor "soldier" horizontally while your opponent tried to whip off it's head using their "soldier", one go at a time.
The beauty of such destruction was that these "soldiers", being weeds, were unwanted and plentiful!
The equivalent these days would be Cannon Fodder on your PC.

I've always liked Dandelions.
I think it was initially their name captured my imagination, a dandy lion, so I thought because of the golden mane of the flower!
I know , I know, you just have to imagine the lions head.
Well I just googled them and the name comes from the old french Dent-de-lion, the lions tooth because of the shape of the leaves.
Another childhood game was telling the time with their fairy clocks.
I don't think I need to explain that one.

Weeds are just plants in the wrong place or in my case all over the place!

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