Thursday 14 February 2008

Arthur Rackham

The fairies have their tiffs with the Birds

Two Crows

I came across these amazing illustrations by Arthur Rackhamthanks to Mike R. Baker's blog Illustration Inspiration. He has a link there that shows 200 illustrations by Arthur Rackham (1867-1939)
I vaguely recognized the style but wouldn't have known who the artist was.
Now I'm in love with Rackham, what a wealth of inspiration and aspiration:)


Cathy said...

I'm a great fan of Arthur Rackham, too - thanks for posting these up here. It's that blend of brilliant draughtsmanship, delicate colouring and the slightly brooding, sometimes quite menacing air which really does it for me.

It's nice to see he's still appreciated!

janie said...

Yes, you're right, the drawing and the colours are very delicate and intricate. I don't know much about how they printed in his day but I'm assuming the process would have influenced the results a lot.

Catherine said...

Thank you for all these informations and the pictures of Rackham's illustrations. I didn't know his works but I am now determined to learn more about the artist !

Catherine said...

Oh, and, I forgot, I've tagged your blog as one of my favourite readings. (Please, read my post of 16th February)
You may have been tagged recently so may not want to join in, and then I am very sorry, but do have a go if you have time ...