Wednesday 13 February 2008

Spring has sprung the daffoldils

We've had three dry days in a row with a bit of sunshine thrown in, it must be Spring!
Well the daffodils seem to think it's time to show their faces and such welcome happy faces they are too.
Brave little trumpets playing the overture to the symphony of Spring.
They are the only splash of colour in my neglected garden and a few little primroses are hidden in the winter jungle of dead stalks and swampy grass.
Time for a bit of garden therapy and I could do with the exercise too:)


padraigin said...

WOW! really?
I mean the days are getting longer here...and that's great. ...but we got 15 centimetres of snow yesterday! no daffodils here for a while...

janie said...

Padraigin will you build a snowman for me, I haven't seen decent snow for years, not sure I'd trade my daffodils though:)

bookbabie said...

I'm so jealous, we had five more inches of snow yesterday:(

padraigin said...

aww! i will for sure!