Friday 22 February 2008


I started going to a dressmaking class a few weeks back.
And I love it.
The only clothes I've ever made are for my dollies
So it's a big exciting step into the world of selvages, nap, cut on the bias, wrong side, right side, interfacing and all of it new to me!
Oh ya and patterns.
Above is a picture of the pattern I'm trying to follow, dress A with the sleeves of dress C.
I'm a little concerned, when you look at what I've got so far you'll see why.

Hmmm..sort of a shapeless shift
So I decided to photoshop it to see how it might eventually roughly look like with a couple of sleeves and some major nipping and tucking

And I don't mean just the dress:)
Anyhow, I'm loving the whole process and am thrilled with myself, I've nearly made a dress yippee! (even if it is hideous I'll wear it with pride:)


Anonymous said...

Very tricky, I never thought about using photoshop like that to design things, cool!

Jane said...

Yeah, virtual dressmaking much easier than the real thing.

Cathy said...

Janie - I've nominated you for a 'You Make my Day' Award - see my blog for instructions!

Hope you're well!

Tony LaRocca said...

Neat designs! If I ever need a dress I'll let you know! :)

janie said...

lol, thanks tony, sort of like jam every other day:)